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What is Hosting?  Simply put it’s like leasing an apartment with no furniture.  The “furniture” is the content you put on your web site.  Many web site development companies host the web sites they develop on another company’s server, not their own.  You can find this out very easily.  Go to: www.dnsstuff.com, scroll down a little and on the right enter your domain name in the field that says: DNS Lookup.  If it comes up with a different domain name than your web site development company it could mean your web site development company is farming out its hosting to somebody else.  What does this mean to you?  Well, for one thing, it could mean if there is a problem with the hosting you call your development company who then in turn calls the hosting company who then in turn puts your development company on HOLD until they find a technician that might be available to maybe handle the problem.  IS THIS HOW YOU DO BUSINESS?

Web-Net is in complete control of your hosting.  Our leased servers are ns1/2/3/4.web-net1.us and ns1/2.awebnet.us.  We have complete access to your web site hosting 24/7.  If that is important to you, call us:

The “type” of hosting is just as important as where your web site is hosted.  Most hosting companies control “bandwidth” for your site.  Bandwidth is like the water pipes in your house, only so much water can get through; if you need more, you can’t get it without calling a plumber.  Web-Net controls your bandwidth; when you need more, we supply more;  no need to call us, no need to have your web site down, no need to pay more; we just take care of it.  Is that what you want?  Call us 608-516-8544.

A note on the amount of “server space” you get for your web site.  You have seen ads for hundreds of Megabytes of space for your web site.  Truth be known, most small to medium sized business web sites seldom use more the 30-50 Megabytes of space; often much less.  So what’s the deal with advertising hundreds of Megabytes of space?  In some cases it’s sort of like the telephone company, if everybody in the nation decided to make a call at the same time the system would crash.  The phone system can only handle about 10-15% of possible calls at any given time.  It’s done this way because only a small percentage of people actually make a call at exactly the same time.  Web hosting works the same way.  Many hosting companies know you don’t need 500 Megabytes of space and never will, so they tell you that’s what you get; sounds impressive but it’s pretty much meaningless.  With Web-Net, when we design your site you get what you need, whether it’s 5 Megabytes or 100 Megabytes.

One more thing about hosting.  It’s called “up time”.  Web-Net says your web site will be up and available to your customers 99.9% of every year.  Sometimes the Internet crashes, we can’t control that, it happens.  99.9%, that’s pretty good!  What does your development company say?  Of course, your development company probably farms your hosting out to another company, what do they say?

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Want to build your own web site?

Web-Net will provide you with the tools to make your own basic web site and provide the hosting for $10.00 per month plus the cost of your annual domain registration.

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