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While web site hosting is your “leased” apartment, web site content is the text and images you have on your web site...your apartment’s furniture.  You can make a statement with your web site content.  So the first thing you need to decide is what is it you want your web site to do for you.

  • Informational:  Much like a brochure only you can have many pages...a magazine about your business.  An informational web site works on the age old business premise “The more a potential customer knows about your business, the better chance he/she will become a customer.”
  • Information and Marketing:  This type of web site contains the elements of the informational web site while adding current promotions or marketing strategies.  This web site is updated on a regular basis.  The updating can be done by you or your web designer.  It’s an easily up-datable advertisement.
  • Interactive:  Adding interactivity to a web site can mean a number of components.  The most common is an interactive form, allowing your customers to ask questions and supply you with information about what they want from your business.  Interactivity may also include videos on demand or still images on demand or audio on demand or a printable brochure or document on demand or polls on various subjects.  The visitor becomes interactive with your web site, requesting information they are specifically interested in or supply information you are interested in.
  • eCommerce:  There are two kinds of eCommerce web sites:  secure and nonsecure.
    A nonsecure, eCommerce web site should never request the visitor to give personal information such as a credit card number.  The forms on a nonsecure web site can be read by anyone who knows how to intercept e-mail...the bad guys.  Visitors can shop on a nonsecure web site, look at your products, and then you may provide them with a snail-mail order form they can print from the web site.

    A secure, eCommerce web site allows visitors to purchase items from your web site using a credit card.  The personal information is encrypted before it is sent over the Internet so the bad guys can’t read it.  Secure, eCommerce web sites are common, safe, and a growing part of the economy.
  • Entertainment:  If your goal is to entertain your visitors you can add all sorts of interactive polls, games, information sources, bulletin boards, blogs, and the list goes on.  These type of sites are paid for with advertising on the site...banner ads.  So you need to have a site a lot of people will visit, you need to know the demographics of your visitors, and then you need to sell advertising to businesses that want to reach your demographic.  Web-Net does not design this type of web site.  However, we have some of the components available.

One more thing about content.
Web-Net can develop a Content Management site for you.
You will be a able to add, change, remove your content whenever you want, at no cost to you, as often as you like.  Web-Net will develop the basics of the site, the design, the navigation, the search engine critical code and will even add the initial content.  You can change the content whenever you want.
We have a number of clients with Content Management web sites.

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