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Your web site is just as important as your physical place of business, just as important as your print advertising, just as important as your media advertising...maybe even more important.  How often can you afford a full page ad in a newspaper or magazine?  A web site is like having the entire magazine or newspaper devoted to your business, at a fraction of the investment.  How much can you say in a 60 second radio commercial?  Certainly no images.  What can you convey in a 30 second television commercial while the viewer is in the kitchen making a snack?  Newspaper, radio, and television advertising is called “broadcasting”; it’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.  The vast majority of readers/listeners/viewers are not interested in your ad/commercial.

A web site is “target casting”; people who go to your web site go there because they WANT TO!  What an amazing opportunity for you!

Please allow me to make myself clear.  Print, radio, and television advertising is important and we all know it works when implemented by an experienced advertising executive.  There are advertising methods that incorporate print and/or radio and/or television that are designed to include your web site.  Usually these methods result in LOWER advertising costs when implemented in a specifically designed campaign.

Web-Net has over 30 years of media experience, not just web design.  We can help you put together marketing solutions that include your web site and usually for less than you are paying now for conventional advertising.  Interested?  Call 608-516-8544!

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